Supporting children to fulfil their jobs to - Play, Learn & have Fun!

Hello! I'm Emily - Paediatric Occupational Therapist, mum and special needs caregiver.

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Emily has provided a high level of OT intervention to both my children over the last year. She instantly put both boys at ease with her calm, kind and attentive manner. She has build strong relationships with both boys -exhibiting in depth knowledge and skill in the way she helped them to develop their self regulation skills, improve both gross motor and fine motor skills,  as well as develop stamina for both physical and academic tasks.

Lucy Jack

Emily is an exceptional occupational therapist. She is extremely patient, attentive, and compassionate and works very hard to help our son with his sensory integration challenges and needs. Emily’s very observant and her approach is flexible — she tailors her therapies according to the needs of our son...she ensure that our son is engaged and working towards accomplishing the goals of the therapy all while having fun.

Lan Hoang

With a warm and cheery disposition, Emily is fully committed to her vocation and her children.  She has the patience and ability to bring the best out of our Jacob and he joins every one of her sessions with a spring in his step and a smile on his face. Emily consistently works towards achieving the goals she set for Jacob and her passion for her work means she is fully supportive to us as parents and willingly goes the extra mile for our little man.  We truly are grateful that we have Emily by our side.

Abi Tannis