Kid Skills LAUNCH! Why I created Kid Skills


So glad to have you here because I are excited to announce we are launching Kid Skills Playbox this Saturday 26th of September ! I wanted to take this chance on my blog to explain why I created Kid Skills and where the idea came from. To be honest, this idea has been in my head for the longest time and it's so amazing to see it become real. Special thanks to my fiancé who encouraged and supported me through this journey. 

I've worked as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist for many years now and my work involves supporting children and prompting positive change in their lives. A big part of it is educating and collaborating with parents so they can help their child at home. Parents would often ask "where can I get this toy?", "she is not doing it at home with me" and "how can I replicate these activities at home?"

The most common way OTs address these questions is by verbally sharing ideas, recommending activities and list of items they could use or purchase for the home. I would also often send readings or put together a home program. However, when I followed up many parents found it difficult to find the time to put it all together. 

This is why Kid Skills was developed. I wanted to create a solution that could help caregivers and their child outside of the therapy room. Family centred care is often considered the best practice because families play the primary role in fostering a child’s development. I want to make it even easier for families to support their kids at home. It only makes sense since parents and caregivers are the ones that spend the most time with their child. Parents should be engaged and educated how to help their child in the natural environments not just in the therapy room. Life doesn’t happen in a clinic and Kid Skills hopes to close that gap.

I do believe direct occupational therapy is important for the child. But, I also believe more time needs to be spent educating parents to know what to do for their own child. Not to be an OT yourself, but to know enough that you can help him or her cope with their challenges whenever and wherever they occur. It's to give you all the tools to caregivers so you can think ahead and strategise, so problems are less likely to occur and so that you can problem solve in the moment in your daily life. So Kid Skills is more than just a box, I wanted to build a platform which can empower, educate and support caregivers all the way! We share knowledge and education about different areas that may effect your child's life through our online offerings that comes with the playboxes. We want caregivers to feel self-assured and confident so that you can help your child regulate, have fun while doing activities that supports their development. 

On top of that, I really enjoy and have a lot of fun researching and selecting tools for children to use in therapy. I have tried and tested so many I can't count throughout the years, but I know what works with the children and what doesn't. Of course, I've also come up with so many creative ways to use them - this comes naturally after adapting activities to meet the needs of a range of children. I am able to use this knowledge to curate toys and share fun effective activities for Kid Skills.

I really hope Kid Skills could make a difference in you and your child's life. Come join us now at

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